Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Funday: glass recap 2/28/11

.... only its Monday, not Sunday. I think I warned you last week that I get a case of the lazies probably ten times a day... so its late...

Mom made a bunch of these.... I told you about them last week but again... I am lazy.... so I didn't have pictures

The red one is probably about 4x4 and the green 2.5x2.5. We have a bunch and they are in all kinds of colors but I cant take the pictures today because its raining.

I made 1.5 of these...
Nobska lighthouse, Falmouth. Ill take pictures in a few months when its not spring and raining
I have some panel ideas in mind, but I have to start stock piling the easy sells. 
Happy Monday!


  1. Love them! I have to get to your store!

  2. Thanks guys! I don't have a store.... yet.... but you all will definitely be kept in the loop when that gets started. For now everything is going on Etsy as well as here, under reillyartglass