Monday, February 21, 2011

I have been diagnosed with a very serious condition

I recently have been bitten by a very dangerous bug that has never been seen by the naked eye. The symptoms of this attack have taken over my body and more importantly my mind and soul and there is only one cure.

I have been victim of the travel bug. Its only cure is a 12 day trip to Ireland. Sorry folks, but if left untreated it could be fatal.
Downside; no posts for 12 days (well this is probably actually good news cause that means no more harassing posts for 12 days)
Awesome-side; Totally socially awkward and going to Ireland by myself = great stories, and definitely at my expense

A few things are probably going to happen
A) I am going to spend the entire trip in the midst of an anxiety attack and will have to relive it via my own pictures cause I wont be able to remember anything
B) I will fall totally in love with the country never to return to the states ever again... If I ever come out of said anxiety attack enough to enjoy everything that is around me.
C) I am going to be lured by an attractive Irish man's accent... and never return to the states again....

Well we have three weeks to come up with other possible scenarios, because I leave the night of the 14th.
This is the tour I am going on here
Check it out, be jealous, its ok to hate me a little bit.

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