Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If Trouble were a person she would be Rain man

This is trouble...

I am not sure why her previous owners named her trouble. Shes not my cat so maybe she gets into crazy shit when I am not around. Anyways, she would totally be Rain man if she were a person. Clearly she has managed to solve the rubix cube next to her, so she is obviously an Autistic savant. She also has this habit of staring and watching things for days on end before she makes her move. She needs to learn its habits and develop some sort of schedule before she can act on her environment. Most of the time she seems like she is slow and maybe slightly mentally retarded (and thats ok cause we would love her anyways) but she actually turns out to be some sort of master genius. Just when you start thinking that maybe you should figure out if there's a cat IQ test somewhere she pulls some sort of ninja move leaving you both confused and amazed. Kind of like in Anchor man how the dog ate the wheel of cheese, only it would be way more epic and she would actually do it

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