Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its definitely impetigo and your going to die

As most of you probably know by now, I used to work in various programs teaching kids diagnosed with autism. It was a very personal, in your face kind of job. You generally end up learning way more about one another then you probably want to, students and coworkers alike. Things just dont really shock us any more, so between the interesting conversations with students, and sharing way too much info with coworkers, you get really close really fast. I should probably also add two very important facts; A) you work very closely with these students physically, especially if they are young or low functioning B) low functioning kids are not aware of germs, diseases, colds, etc. Its just not on their radar and its up to us to figure things out sometimes.

This being said I am convinced everyone has impetigo now. One of the programs that I used to work at had impetigo going around for a few months. Lucky for me it was primarily the students that I did not work with. Unlucky for them, parents sent kids to school unknowingly (or sometimes knowing full well their kid had a very contagious skin condition) and of course some coworkers also got the skin condition cause we just cant avoid it sometimes. Actually, I am surprised we don't get sick more often.

It was not revealed to me until, curiously everyone was getting this skin condition and where the heck did it come from, that my boss had in fact had it for three months but she was unaware of what it was for some time. The general location of said skin condition for her was around the outside of her nose...

Now whenever someone says their nose is sore (probably from something more logical like wiping with tissues or the damn dry cold winter air) my mind automatically goes into panic/hypochondriac mode and diagnoses them with impetigo, and I can't go near them for a week.
I also have come to find that I have dry skin on my face, and yet again my mind immediately turned this barely noticeable dry skin into impetigo...

And I am definitely going to die.

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