Friday, February 18, 2011

Tissues of death

I warn you in advance this post is a little gross... welcome to the crazy show kids...

Sister is sick, and when she came back from her four day weekend she kind of looked like death (sorry but its true). She had to stop on her way home to get tissues that's how dying she is.

Well... she bought probably the worst tissues ever....
and yes tissues can have ratings from awesome to id rather die in my own phlegm and mucous.

Someone had the awesome idea to put Vick's into these tissues. This was in fact not an awesome idea. If I were brainstorming a way to make tissues better, putting Vick's in them would be in the "No f-ing way"column.

This is so for two reasons:
A) as will be detailed in a later post I have a problem with liquid medicine, and it kind of makes me vomit a little just thinking about it..
B) Now not only do I smell like Vick's, but I smell like Vick's in and around my nose, where I smell things, so its not like I can just keep that part of me away from my face...

And this is why I kind of want to vomit a little all afternoon...

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  1. I've used and hated these as well. And the smell of Vick's invades your whole being until you take a very long shower