Sunday, February 13, 2011

The perfect storm; Irrational fear #7 - Valentines day

A not so funny post
As you all know Valentines day is coming up... and I do have a fun post for Monday, but for now you all have to suffer through my rant about why I hate Valentines day and this year it is the perfect storm.
If any of you are thoroughly freaked out by pms stop reading now
Yesterday I had hit the Komodo Dragon stage, and today it is more like this..

I am definitely one of those people that tries to keep it inside, cause I know how much it sucks when people do nothing but bitch about how upset they are and even worse when they dont do anything to change it ( I assure you I do not intend my blog to become a bitch fest, this is a once a year thing). So it stays inside and I do everything I can to try to make myself happy and keep to myself until the week of torture is over...
However this month things fall on Valentines day, so by Monday my brain will be like this....

Every girl probably has the dating Valentines day nightmares and so do I, so I will spare you those details. I am definitely very anti-valentines day so much so that gives me mild anxiety for a week ( I know Im crazy its ok) I am not entirely sure if the calendar of these events lines up properly but this is what I blame my hatred for Valentines day on
A) the year everyone stops being forced to give everyone else valentines and you only get one or two... I was a very emotional child and this sucked
B) This is where things get fuzzy... When I was little I had to have a few home IVs and I distinctly remember receiving heart stickers one day that a nurse came to visit. I actually didnt even realize it was a home IV until a few years ago, but just that I was sick and a nurse had to come to the house. It may not even have been any where near Valentines day but I definitely remember those sticker hearts... So my brain will forever connect it to Valentines day, even if I find documented proof that it was the summer the nurse ruined the 4th of July or something....
C) I had a court date in a snow storm, and driving in the snow is going to be another post for another day, but going to court sucks
Anywho, those are some reasons why I hate Valentines day... But stay tuned because I made you a Valentines day card from someone very special!

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