Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Funday! Glass recap 2/13/11

..And shameless self promotion day!

Here is what I did this week (Cause I know you are on pins and needles to find out)...
I finished this on Monday-ish

You can buy this one here....

I am almost done with this one...
I just have to finish foiling and solder it. The middle is a piece of mirror. I think we are going to frame it with wood instead of channeling

To order your own go here...

or here...

Here is a lesson on how we can make me famous:
A) Read my blog and tell me how funny it is even if its not
B) Suggest my blog to everyone
C) Go here... And look at how pretty my glass is and either
                    a) buy some!
                    b) realize you are too poor cause your rich boss kept the money he would have given you as a raise all for himself, and thus suggest said website to said rich boss, and preferably rich coworkers and friends
D) Tell them that they need to buy stuff
Have a nice Sunday!

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