Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day from my misshapen uterus

Most people have a uterus that is shaped like this... unless your a dude.. you don't have one, sorry guys
But mine is shaped like this...

At first I was really sad about this, I mean look at it. I am pretty sure if uteri had IQ's mine would be at about a 30.... But it totally explains all the shenanigans its been up to since I was about 12. It kind of looks like it was stuck by lightening, or it has a Siamese twin... and this is definitely this is proof that I have ADD cause my body couldn't even finish developing its own uterus properly
But now I think of it like this....

Its kind of like my own personal little kid created valentine. F*ck you Hallmark! I got my own Valentines day card!

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