Thursday, October 13, 2011

Like omg you guys, its been waaay to long *insert unnecessary squeaks screams and squeals here*

So as it turns out, I cant handle being a real adult, and coming up with blog posts at the same time.  Ive had a real job now for a few months, and have been going to school too. For a while school and work were winning, so... go me!.... but its about that time where I dive bomb for a few days and cant be an adult anymore. Which is why I am writing a rambling ridiculous post at midnight on a Thursday (School night!! its WAY past my bed time... like really though I go to bed at 930 these days...) Its actually been so long that Google updated the format of blogger and I am not even really sure I am writing a real blog post right now.
Anywhoooo so I have a job and its crazy and hectic and a little stressful and shocking and rewarding and wonderful all at once. Hooray! I however am getting paid in rocks and dirt... and its also not really what I thought I was applying for.... aaannnd probably wont be doing the same thing next year.... but... YAY!!....?...oh least I'll still be living with my parents when we move... so... I wont have to change my blog... winning?

And school is crazy... a crazy waste of time that is. At least so far. I will hopefully get back here sooner rather than later to elaborate on my ridiculous social awkwardness of meeting about a bazillion new people in 48 hours. And friends.... I dont really know how to make freinds... so thats been interesting
I totally had so many more things I wanted to tell you guys about!
I rediscovered caffeinated sodas after about a year and a half hiatus... and had wonderful absolutely hilarious ground breaking material to post.... but.... midnight... and... caffeine crash...