Friday, February 25, 2011

Dumbledor? what are you doing here?

I have come to notice that, especially on days I sleep in, I have been having incredibly strange dreams lately. Usually I am up by 730 and either already at the gym with my sister, or waiting to hear mom waking up so I can drag her to the gym. In either case, definitely by 830 I have either already come and gone or am at the gym.
Well this morning I texted Sister that I just wasn't going to make it to the gym today. I went climbing last night, so I woke up a little more "hating the gym" than usual. Also its raining, and windy, and I have the day off so I don't feel like leaving the house in the weather. In essence I am a brat.
Apparently my body thinks that sleeping in until 9 is considered sleeping in. I know people that have not seen nine am in a very long time. My own mother for instance.
On this particular morning however I am pretty glad that my body is incapable of sleeping in. I woke up three seperate times from very awful dreams, and then had one long epicly strange and awful dream, waking up for good feeling sore, and tired, and cranky. So much for sleeping in and feeling rested.
Dream number one and two: I am in a car moments before a gigantic car accident, and then the car slams into something and I wake up
Dream number three: I am in a car having a conversation with the driver minutes before slamming into something

I really hope that doesn't mean anything in regards to traveling in two weeks...

Dream number four: (the abridged version because things repeat themselves a lot ) I am at a camp with a bunch of kids, but mine is the only one that has special needs. I am not sure what though because he seems pretty high functioning. I think at the end of the dream I decided that it was more of a mental disorder than special needs. Also, my student is the only one that is actually gigantic. So I am working on school work and traveling back and forth between some buildings in the woods when I find out that my student is having a hard time. So I go to help him and he needs to go into a hold and no one will help me. So hes totally kicking my ass and he gets away and runs into a garage that looks like a mini air plane hangar where of course that is where the owner stores its bow and arrows. Duh. So I then find myself trying to talk him out of shooting me much like talking a suicide risk off the side of a building. So of course he shoots me and it gets me in the ribs. For some reason I walk around for a long time like nothing is wrong. I end up going to a professors office, and it turns out to be a mix between Dumbledor and my art therapy professor in college, and he totally tells me everything is going to be fine and starts playing a stringed instrument and smoking a cigar

Seriously... wtf? I didn't eat anything crazy and only had water to drink... I am pretty sure its only because I tried to sleep in... Or I am insane...


  1. I can attest to the "didn't eat anything crazy and only had water to drink"

    maybe some of the carabiner's crazy followed us home. It found you while you were sleeping, or at least making a solid attempt at it; while I was approached by crazy all day at work in the form of strange customers.

  2. 9 AM is definitely sleeping way in ;)