Thursday, March 31, 2011


Recently the ad campaign for Pop-Tarts has included a series of animated cartoons set to music.
Here's the commercial I have in mind incase you are not a big T.V. person. (I am a knitter it kind of comes with the territory.)
For what ever reason this commercial has a profound effect on me. I do NOT want to eat Pop-Tarts, let me just make that one clear. I am definitely a toaster strudel person. But, this commercial stays stuck in my brain for days on end. And now its going to be stuck in yours!!! Ha ha ha!

The best part about this commercial getting stuck in my head is that sometimes I sing the songs in my head. Actually that's a lie. At least once a day the song is stuck in my head, but usually more then that, so basically at any given moment I could really be singing the pop-tarts song instead of paying attention to the environment around me. This generally starts getting into thinking of sunflowers with cartoon faces, as discussed here. Also, I very absentmindedly start to bob along with the song in my head.

Very often I find myself dancing along to the song, bobbing my head from side to side only to find that there is in fact no music. This happens when I am writing my blog posts a lot. I also do this weird tilt my head to the side thing when I am thinking. I am sure this will come up in a later post

Anywho.... that is all....

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