Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I think it is pretty safe to say that most of us have very nice lives. Whether or not we choose to see that, and appreciate it for what it is, is a completely different story.
In the past I have spent too many years being basically down right miserable. I often blamed it on everyone else around me, instead of looking at myself and creating the change that I wanted to see.
The past 6 months or so I have really been looking at my life and the choices that I have made, and doing what I need to do to make myself happy. I refuse to rely on other people for this and I have chosen the people around me in my life to remain in my life because they make me smile and laugh. As one of my good friends often says, they help bring me higher.
In the end though, it is up to me to decide what it is that is going to make me happy. Its my decision after all, who I keep in my life to help each other out.
I have also been trying harder to treat myself the way I need to be treated. If you know me well, you have probably heard far too many times my complaints of "well why can't I find someone to treat me the right way". Maybe I need to start doing it for myself, and everything else will fall into place; so that's what I have been doing. Ive been dragging myself to the gym even when I really don't want to, waking up early when I would really much rather sleep in, and eating all that boring healthy food. Kind of a fake it till you make it sort of plan. And for a while it really really sucked. Sometimes its my mom or my sister that is keeping me motivated to get going, so in that sense we definitely support each other especially on the sucky days.
But guess what, even though deep down I still have a lingering sadness regarding recent personal events, and I have entire days of sadness about it, I am generally so freaking excited about life that sometimes I annoy even myself.I have almost hit the same level as the way to perky front desk girl.
I know deep down that everything happens for a reason, and in the end everything will work out for the best. In the meantime I try to find simple things that make me really happy. I think in light of recent world events it is important to take a quick look at our lives and why we are so fortunate.
Anyways, this was going to be a quick funny post about things that have made me really happy lately,(I read "blogging dangerously" and she does this every week or so and I really enjoy reading it, only hers are a lot better) but I wanted to include a little more explanation. Maybe I am just being dramatic and cliche but that's ok, it happens to the best of us :)

1) I was in the book store the other day, and it was story time for the kiddies so there were a bunch of youngins on the upper level. All of a sudden this little girl started laughing so hysterically I could hear her across the store. It was the kind of laugh where its completely contagious and makes you want to hunker down for story time.
2) I fixed coopers "Baby" the other night so the stuffing wouldn't come out. He hasn't had it for almost a month, but when he realized I had it he all but jumped up on the counter to get to it. When I finished sewing it up he was so freaking excited about life I thought he would explode. He was running so fast he kept loosing traction on the hardwood and falling face first.
3) I am sitting here typing this blog post with the cat on the table next to me. When cooper came downstairs the cat immediately went to the corner of the wall and hid. When he came around the corner the cat scared the daylights out of him which in turn scared the cat. Awesome
4) Getting together with an old friend, killing a bottle of wine, going through facebook and sharing stories of old friends and ex boy friends and laughing till one in the morning
5)Being lucky enough to be able to travel. I know, your sick of hearing about it, but I am pretty sure that if I never get married and have children, I will be perfectly content with that as long as I can travel. I have officially stopped waiting for "the right time" to go on adventures because there will never truly be a "right time".
6) Making myself laugh so hard at the stupidest things that I am brought to tears several nights a week; laughter is truly the best medicine
7) Last night Vegas was hiding under a sheet we use to make our Tupperware containers look like pretty end tables. He was super skiddish and tip-toeing around like something was going to jump out and kill him. I took it upon myself to make this an entertaining situation and threw a cable needle at him. This produced an epic double jump back in surprise. It was so funny me and mom were brought to tears.
8) I burp, it happens, get over it. The other night I burped and mom laughed so hard she again was brought to tears. She was trying to say something but it was completely unintelligible. I am sure shes glad that I am home.

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