Friday, March 4, 2011

Where the F is my package! *Update*

Since we live in the armpit of the cape we find that we often don't have the same access to shopping that we once had when we lived a little more up state. That combined with our need for strange things like this....
(It puts yarn into what is called a hank)

... and we often find ourselves ordering things online. Bedsheets for over sized mattresses, copper foil, books, you name it and we have probably ordered it online. I think at one point we were doing Peapod grocery shopping, but that maybe have been during the non-cape days. Anyways, the point is that UPS knows us so well, between the store shipments and the house shipments, everything just gets dropped off at the store, and typically in a timely fashion.

When we first moved down there I had a pair of shoes shipped to me and they couldn't find the house. I am pretty sure if you put our address into Google maps, and looked at it from the satellite pictures, you can see the house from space; its a tall house, and its the only one on the street that is bigger than a matchbox. Basically you have to be pretty stupid to miss it. They have since learned their lesson.

Lately however, things have changed. I think the definition of "one day" may have changed. Recently we have ordered a number of things (actually all of the items aforementioned), all on express shipping. It started with the bedsheets. They took no less than a month to get to the house. Then it was the skein winder. Now its my travel documents which are time sensitive. If I don't get them I don't go, which is a problem. To deal with the panic that I have been feeling awaiting my package, I have decided that there is only one explanation in the problems with shipping:

They have added a processing center in the depths of Narnia, and all of our packages must be processed through said center before proceeding to the cape.

Look at that map! That place is huge! I am never getting my tickets :(

*Update* Just got my package with my vouchers and my travel book (my Frommers book totally kicks this books ass) Turns out Aslan thought that it was an important enough package that he wanted to process it himself. Hes a busy guy so it took a little while. He also wanted to make sure that all my information was correct before sending it on its way. Thanks Aslan! Your a life saver!


  1. I love it!! Absolutely hysterical :)

  2. Tristan YOU'RE so funny on YOUR blog. You are! but we need to talk about YOUR/YOU'RE. Especially if we're gonna get you fame or a book deal outta this ;)

  3. What if I am secretly doing it just to bother everyone else?