Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What did I just agree to?

Way too often I realize I have been having a conversation with someone and have not heard a single word they said. I kind of wish I came to this realization a little sooner; I probably would have gone to a better school than Fisher Price College. My ADD makes no discrimination to who it spaces out on, and what they are talking about. It just kind of happens. Like this dog with narcolepsy....

Hes so happy running around eating flowers... I am pretty sure if he had the choice he would continue running around eating flowers, not collapsing on the ground and sleeping... its a beautiful day and now its wasted. Poor dog...
Now what was I talking about...
Oh yes...
Since I spend most of my time these days with my mother, she gets tuned out the most, and most of the time by accident.
Recently, she asked me about a recipe she wants to make for dinner.
I said "mhmm sure it sounds great".
I have no idea what I agreed too, and I had already admitted to not listening to her like 20 minutes prior, so I cant do it again. I need at least another hour before I can tell her I'm not listening and not feel bad.
So if I sit down at the table and find this on my plate

Either something went horribly wrong with the recipe or she is catching on to the fact that sometimes I just don't listen

Sorry mom


  1. That looks awesome! Its what I order when I go to Acapulco's - really though its true...

  2. lol i just googled fish dinner for that one haha