Friday, April 1, 2011

"Hmm.. what tastes sweet?"

So every other week we have family dinner night on Sunday night. This week my brother and his wife and her sister came to visit so we did it Saturday night so they wouldn't miss dinner before they left on Sunday. These dinners also include a new recipe, most of the time, in order to "broaden our horizons" or whatever. So we had Fireman's chicken spaghetti dinner. We all sat down served ourselves and began eating.

About two minutes into the dinner I was all like "hmm its good, but what in it tastes sweet?"

"Oh well it says to use corn flakes"

cooking isn't really a strong suit in our family....

Happily the use of frosted flakes worked out well for this meal, and we all decided that it doesn't really need to be changed in the future...

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