Thursday, March 10, 2011


This post serves two purposes..

The first being that it is indeed the final countdown before my trip.... I will be leaving in 4 days. When I booked this trip I didn't think that it could get here fast enough. Now I am starting to worry its going to go by too fast. But its OK because I just got a brand new camera. I am going to be like those relatives that insist on showing you wicked old slides EVERY time you visit even though you have seen them about a thousand times, and they are of useless things like the toilet in the hotel room... except they wont be slides... But I am definitely taking pictures of the toilet in the hotel room... As a matter of fact, just for you I will take a picture of every toilet in every hotel... in case you were wondering that's about 7 toilets....

The second purpose is to be really annoying... :-D
There is a T-Mobile commercial where the girl is telling the guy how much his phone sucks, and she gets some video of some concert and the guy is trying to impress her with his phones amazing music skills. I personally would love it if my phone would play the final countdown on the keyboard... Every time I hear this commercial I get the song stuck in my head. But not the real song, the guy that's singing it and playing the keyboard. So sometimes I randomly scream out "Bo bo beee booo bo da do do doooo". And you totally know what I am talking about cause you know you do it too, you just wont admit it.

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