Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When did I become the adult?

So, surprise I live with my mom and step dad.
Moms been on a diet for forever now, but this time shes serious... but only between the hours of 11 am and 9pm... because she doesn't get up until 11... and after 9, if you have a weight watchers ice cream, then it doesn't count...

"Mom its ten at night, why are you eating ice cream... and TWO why are you eating two ice creams at ten at night?!"
"Well, its a weight watchers thing, it only has two points"
"Um... but its still ten at night, and its still got sugar and calories that your not going to burn off, so it just turns to fat since you don't use it for energy... because its night time"
"Ok fine" *puts the second one back* "Tomorrow I will have it before 8"

She has since been sneak eating her ice cream since I go to bed at tenish.... But at least when I asked her about it she told me the truth

"Ok so since your sneak eating those, you have to keep going to the gym... forever"

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