Monday, March 14, 2011

Things that really gross me out (but shouldnt)

.....and probably make me want to vomit

This was a very difficult post to write. Please don't use this against me in the future...

Raw eggs or eggs that aren't cooked long enough. By "cooked long enough" I mean they are almost about to burn before they are taken off the stove, and they are dry as a bone. Every so often I order eggs sunny side up, but then I have to try and eat them with out looking at my plate. Also they have to be eaten with bread as not to feel the undercooked egg texture.

Artificial grape flavor and artificial cherry flavor. These are both going to be a post at a later date, but they make me gag just thinking about it.

Chewable adult vitamins. For what ever reason my stomach doesn't digest regular vitamins fast enough. This leaves me feeling suddenly and  violently nauseous, complete with cold sweats, for about half an hour and then it leaves as quickly as it had shown up. I have recently started taking chewable vitamins instead. Those gummy ones looked really tempting, until I realized they were way too damn expensive. You get 50 for like 6 bucks but you have to take two a day instead of one. The chewable ones are one a day and you get 100. Deal.... until I took one... Citrusy death. I would almost rather have it taste like chewing aspirin. I am not sure why people feel the compelling need to flavor everything citrus, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

The dry milk around the cap... enough said. Sometimes I get soy milk just to avoid this problem.

The water that forms on top of my Chobani. Sometimes I really pray that its hit the expiration date so I don't have to deal with the water. However, the best and the worst thing about Chobani is its ridiculously far away expiration dates. So I am stuck with watery yogurt that already looks like I am eating sour cream, which is really gross if you think about it or look at it too much
. Mmm... nothing beats pouring out your yogurt water first thing in the morning!

Wet peanut butter or mayo; neither of these containers will be recycled if I am made recycling captain, but this has already been discussed in great detail. I will not get my recycling gold star.

Mixing ingredients that are wet such as macaroni and cheese. I don't think I have had mac and cheese in about a year, but my step dad has it all the time. I have made it a point to be done with dinner and upstairs knitting when it is mac and cheese night. As much as I would love to eat dinner as a happy family, I just can't handle those noises. One time my sister was making Banana bread, which I love, probably too much, and my first reaction was to gag... whoops... 

The words moist, damp, and flap... gross...

There are probably way more things that make me want to die a little inside, but this is all I can handle right now

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