Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Irrational Fear #4: Idiocracy

Has anyone seen the movie Idiocracy?
One night an ex-boyfriend a few years ago rented it. I think he thought it was going to be a funny guy stoner movie, with dumb jokes you will only get if your high... and boobs.
Well he was wrong....  except for the boobs part. And there were jokes, it was still a comedy, but more of one of those dark comedies... but anyways....
This movie scared me more than any horror film has. And I hate scary movies; even ones that are meant to be funny spoofs, like Zombieland, kind of freak me out, so this movie really did a number on me.
Anyways... I am pretty sure the things that happen in this movie are going to happen in real life. Except for the whole getting stuck frozen in a capsule built for army testing, and waking up a thousand years later part.
Its all about how the average IQ drops significantly and everyone gets really lazy, and some how they started watering plants with Gatorade, so they have no food, and technology has taken over everything. Its kind of like a darker more sarcastic version of Wall-E. That movie freaked me out too..
At least on the bright side we will all be dead by the time these things happen.

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