Friday, April 29, 2011

"well you could have just let me go!!!"

As we all know, today is a beautiful day...
How can anyone possibly be negative on such an amazing day?!

Well some people are really good at it...

There is one driving move that I will never understand that occurs quite frequently here on the cape; the "Im going to stick myself out like a jackass until someone lets me go, and then yell and swear at everyone that doesn't stop the normal flow of traffic to allow me in"

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge jackass like that when I drive, but come on people COMMIT!! If you are going to be a jerk just do it, don't half ass it and pull out half way making people drive around you instead of causing a huge accident to slam on their brakes to let you go
Furthermore, don't say things like this out your window:
"Well you could have let me go!!"
No, sorry I couldn't; I am obligated not to let pansies like you out into traffic to cause massive death and destruction with your wimpy indecisive ways... Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!!! 

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