Monday, April 4, 2011

My purose in life

its official...

I have been put on this planet simply for the purpose of entertaining others, at my expense of course.

The other day I drove out to Sandwich to speak to a glass artist, which is an entirely different story for another day. I realized about 5 minutes into my trip that I definitely needed gas ASAP. After speaking with the artist I went across the street to a HESS which I never go to. When I pull in I notice a truck pulled off to the side, and the engine is running but I cant see into the car to see if someone is in it.
So there I am acting like hot shit, trying to get the pump working.... and it wont start... so I get a little upset, throwing my hands up secretly hoping someone will help me... So I moved to the next pump cause I heard the attendant saying they've been having problems, so maybe it wasn't me and it's just the pump being stupid...

So again I put my card in and try to get it going... still not working... so I storm into the gas station and say "Ok so maybe I'm just being a total air head but I cant get the pump to work". So he tells me this weird explanation that the pumps are having a problem with debit cards and run it through as credit.

I do what he says... STILL not working. By this point I am talking to my self, swearing, arms flailing, very obviously pissed off and definitely about to go find a new gas station cause obviously HESS sucks and none of their pumps work...

A nice man then comes over and asks if I got it to work yet.... and then flips the little lever under where the pump rests when its not in use... right next to the huge START/STOP sign....


  1. I swear they invented those gas pumps to trick people... that has happened to me several times!! Its like, every OTHER gas station has the regular kind of pumps... why the HECK did they have to go and add that extra step in there?? Not only are they robbing us of our money, but now they are robbing us of our DIGNITY too! ....making us think we can't operate a gas pump.... jerks.

  2. lol I forgot to add the part about how there was not only one guy, but several in that truck with the engine running, as well as several in the car with the guy that helped me, and they definitely got a good laugh out of it. At least I can make peoples days a little brighter