Friday, April 1, 2011

a bit of frustration

I typically don't use this to complain. I think I randomly combusted sometime around Valentines day but there were evil forces at work that week.

My lack of having my own store has gotten exponentially more frustrating today. Sometime close to when I decided I was going to go for it, a new tenant rented a space on Main st. One I had my eye on. My bubble deflated considerably but I still kept truckin...

 I have tried to stay optimistic, and in good spirits, wishing them the best.. I even looked past the fact that they were painting with spay paint and fuming up our store... but today was opening day

 They have been blasting techno/club music for about two hours now, which we can hear through the walls. Typically I am not that frustrated by such things... but I am being a 2 yr old right now... I wanted that space, and I most definitely would not be blasting ridiculous music. It should have been mine

 Oh well, Its not and that sucks but whatever... its out of my system and I am done now...

 Good luck to them!

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