Sunday, April 17, 2011

How a towel can be the biggest douche bag in the world

You know how when your cats being a huge d bag, and playing in just about everything possible, and chewing on computer wires, and eating hair elastics... literally ripping them to shreds and eating them, and jumping on your back, and attacking your feet when you walk and opening closet doors on his own and doing just about EVERYTHING possible to make you not sleep for four days and it makes you so completely insane you wind up cleaning your room at 4:30 in the morning in order to hide all of the elastics because if he makes you miss another night of sleep again you might accidentally leave the back door open for way too long, and he might accidently find himself outside with the hawks and foxes and coyotes and then while your cleaning your room you come to find that your house is leaking, again, particularly through your bedroom windows, again, and dripping onto literally all of the precious books you own, again and your parents only solution is to put a towel on the window ledge but the towels are too big and it falls off about a bajillion times before it stays, but about five minutes later its too water logged in one spot so you have to keep on moving it around it which makes it fall off a bajillion more times? Yeah I really hate that too, and that's how a towel can be a douche bag.

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