Monday, April 4, 2011

Somebodys got a case of the mondays glass recap 4-4-11

Not a whole lot going on over here right now as far as glass is concerned. Being a total idiot, now I got that one covered.
I made a few of these...

I am going to tell who ever buys this particular one that the real Nobska is actually crooked.

 This is the old design...

I decided to nix it because although it is accurate to the real Nobska light house with the window, those two little pieces are a pain in the ass, and make the price go up by 7 dollars; no thanks

I also made one of these....

and have the pieces cut for a few more, which will probably go in Sage for the time being. This one is also a pain in the ass but at least it doesn't cost a lot too.

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