Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boston Childrens Hospital part 2

OK time for some serious stuff...
This one time, when I was like... in the womb... doctors were all "Hey... that's definitely not good, time to come out" and I'm all "THANK GOD finally, shits goin' down.... and I don't feel so great, let me out!"
So then they were all like... "Ummm WTF?" and since I was so far into the "WTF" category, I was whisked away to a magical place called Boston Children's Hospital. 
As described here, this hospital is probably the definition of awesome.
Every time I return, it makes me reflect on about a bajillion things all at once, and its all so freaking overwhelming that I distract myself with the brightly colored things and the keyboard stairs.

For one, what the hell would have happened to me if I had no been born near this amazing hospital. And for another thing, as I am reading in The Work of Human Hands, my Dr. wasn't always so keen on being a Dr. so umm thanks guy for not deciding you hate medicine. Seriously though, miracle worker. When I was little he was already pretty up there in the age department. Hes still kickin' and sharp as a tack too, but the world is going to be less one really great man when he passes away. Reminder to self; make a visit... and soon...

Another thing that I cant help thinking of, is how that place is ALWAYS busy, all times of day and night, people are everywhere. There is never a single waiting room, doctors office, cafeteria, or cafe that is empty. Which leads into the "Holy crap, this many people have really sick children" and then the "Thank god they are here getting amazing medical care". It kind of makes me wish I had taken a more noble/heroic/whatever type of career path, social work, or nursing, or  medicine. But.. I didn't. I'm kind of a slacker and currently a drain on the economy (soon to change right?). So that just leaves me to say that there aren't words that can explain my gratitude to these nurses, and doctors, and everyone else that works in a place like this. Cause while I don't have the strength to do it, these people do it every day. They save lives, and they make miracles happen, and some day when I have children of my own, I know they would be there with open arms should I need them. So.. Thanks..

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