Monday, May 30, 2011

Boston Childrens Hospital; part one

So maybe like 5 years ago I saw this Dr. and had all these tests done, and hes all "You should probably come back every six months for a little while so we know your still alive". So, naturally, being the really good patient that I am, I think Ive been back like... three times...  Obviously I know I am not dying, most of the time. I get the random bout of hypochondria and think I have cancer or something, but... its usually nothing to do with my kidneys/bladder so I say "Eh, don't care!"
So today, we went to Boston Children's Hospital to have more testing done so he could yet again say "Yup everything's fine, see you in six months!" (Except this time he said a year and a half, SCORE)
I learned several things during the visit. Even though I am now 25, I still fit in splendidly at a children's hospital for the following reasons:
         A) Bright colors are EVERYWHERE in this hospital and it is totally awesome, really bright things hang from the ceiling in the main lobby, and there are brightly colored salt water fish tanks in just about every waiting room. Also, the different buildings and areas are completely color coded AND they have different pictures. This is freaking awesome. When I get lost (because I didn't bring the papers that read "Please bring these with you" all across the top) I don't immediately panic. In adult hospitals every freaking inch looks ridiculously the same as the inch before it, and the inch after it. If you go down the wrong hall way you don't know how far to go because the next hall way isn't yellow or red or purple or whatever color its supposed to be, its just white.
        2) I look like I am 12. When I walk into the hospital and I am with my dad, no one really looks at me funny for being a patient at a children's hospital until they ask me my birthday... which they do about a million times.... but until then I fit in PERFECTLY.
        Q) They are always playing some sort of classic Disney movie; Today's was the Jungle Book, and there was actually a point in the conversation when I didn't hear what my dad said because I was too engrossed in Mogli being hypnotized by the creepy snake with the weird trippy eyes that will probably give me nightmares... so here's a reminder...
Seriously who's idea was this?!
      D) I still really enjoy things like fruit by the foot, so I think until I grow out of things like that I am welcome at the Children's Hospital.. In fact... to reward myself for having awesome kidneys I came home and immediately ate an entire bag of gummy bears until I got kind of sick because no one was around to stop me. If that's not Children's Hosptial material I don't know what is.
     11) When I was little I practically lived at this hospital... and yet in all those years I only remember one physical aspect of the building. There was this wall of clear frosted crazy looking blocks/tiles. Like an entire wall floor to ceiling of them, very 80's looking. I think they lit up too, at least that's what I remembered, all kinds of crazy trippy neon colors. Literally the only thing I remember is this cool wall. Today... I found that wall... although it has been moved, and it no longer lights up (probably because its right next to a really beautiful courtyard that had always been there as well but I apparently didn't really care about) I still love that wall, and I had to touch it.

Awesome) Keyboard stairs... enough said

All in all it was a really good day at the Hospital. However, next time I would rather have the room with the Antarctica tribute all over the walls and ceiling. While the Rocky Mountains one was pretty cool, the moose was a little scary, and I am pretty sure chipmunks shouldn't be glittery... Either way penguins are way cooler.

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