Friday, May 27, 2011

I have no shame

Yesterday when I was at the Dr.s office I suddenly realized that I probably talk about bodily functions and medical problems a little too freely
 Yes, I did make my dad take his 25 yr old daughter to her Dr's appointment. Mainly because I am so completely terrified of driving in Boston traffic that I would probably be found in Public Alley # 5395 in the fetal position sucking my thumb; thus missing my appointments and the whole thing would have to happen all over again in about three months. NO THANKS! Also, as I have already mentioned, I have a really hard time paying attention, particularly when something is really important. Like when he is saying "Ok, everything looks good the left one is here and is at about 47% and the right one is here and thats at about 53%..." but I'm in the corner trying to figure out if 47 and 53 equal 100 (which they do, Ta-Da!)
 So, I made the adult decision of making him come so we wouldn't have to miss any bits of important information.
 after two non invasive tests (AWESOME) that took a combined total of 20 minutes (even more AWESOME), we had a lengthy doctors appointment with the head of urology, his nurse, and surprise to me, a very up beat and pushy social worker (Not really so awesome...).
 The appointment consisted of me talking, in great detail, about things that girls just don't do because were made of sugar and spice and everything nice... right? WRONG!! We do all those things so get over it! :-D
 After about 20 minutes discussing various bodily functions with out hesitation with people I have only met about three times in my life, and my DAD I realized... holy crap... it is way to easy for me to talk about these things... Its a good thing that I have a filter or I probably would have been discussing them at dinner later.  Also, the social worker popped in later, and invited me to a group where I could go and meet other girls with the same problems and talk about relationships, and sex and stuff... Aren't you glad you came dad?!
 I also realized that my dad got to sit through those discussions just so that we could hear "Yup! your doing fine! No reason what so ever for your pain, see you in a year!" Which, holy crap that's awesome. He went from trying to get me to go every six months to a year, awesome... but... no reason for the pain... hm.. ok deal with that later...
 I guess all in all, what I am trying to say, is that pretty much my entire family/loved ones know way too much about my bodily functions etc, so thanks guys for putting up with it! It can go back to rainbows and unicorns for a few months; and I will do my best to keep my filter in place for that kind of stuff.

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